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If you supply a trade or service on credit, such as 7, 14 or 30 day payment terms, you need an effective contract to protect yourself from disputes and people who don't pay or pay late.

In the past 10 years of running BCA Debt we have observed 5 common mistakes businesses make!  With just changing these 5 mistakes, you can prevent your customers from becoming debtors and increase your cash flow.

One of the common mistakes is not having good Terms and Conditions.

Did you know that your 'Terms and Conditions' should be the single most important document you create for your business?  The words Terms and Conditions should bring to your attention just how important these documents are, they can set the direction of any business deal you enter, be it good or bad.

Your Terms and Conditions are the rules of your business.

If you have ever experienced any of the following in your business, then it may be time to assess your Terms and Conditions

  1. Not being paid on time
  2. Customer complaining about your service
  3. Staff taking shortcuts
  4. Disputes caused by negligence 
  5. Not being paid for the job you have done
Many businesses hope their bookkeeper, admin staff or accountant will fix these problems for them, but they are not the experts in this field.

The Blue Print

Your Terms and Conditions are the blue print of how your business operates, you, your staff and customers should intimately understand every aspect of them, and this is how you prevent deals from going bad. 

 The reason I say this is because the majority of problems we have experienced with disputes and conflicts between a business and their customer is because there is not a clear understanding of each other’s responsibility when entering into a business deal.  Often what happens is neither party is clear on the expectations within the job because the Terms and Conditions have not been explained or are simply non-existent.


Daunting Solicitor Jargon

We understand that creating these documents is a very daunting proposition because most of the Terms and Conditions we have seen are in solicitor jargon, in font you can’t read and feel as if they have sinister overtones. 

All this makes it difficult to work out what is best for your business.  These Documents are Important so don’t let all the jargon, small writing and deception put you off, with little effort we can help you produce user-friendly Terms and Conditions for your business. 

The simplest way of getting started is to brainstorm all the things that frustrate you, both in-house and from your customers.  

Put these together with your payment requirement and you have the beginnings of creating a good document that helps prevent customers from becoming debtors.

Less Disputes - Who wouldn't want that?  We know that once a client has good Terms and Conditions in place they are less likely to experience disputes and nonpayment.

We offer this programs for individual businesses, it fully covers the credit management Policies, Terms and Conditions and much more.  It will assist you in preventing your customers from becoming debtors and help to solve the problems listed above.

The Credit Management Toolbox

The credit management toolbox is a comprehensive suite of documents and policies custom designed for your individual business. If you supply a trade or service on credit, such as 7, 14 or 30 day payment terms, you need an effective contract to protect yourself from disputes and people who don't pay or pay late!

The credit Toolbox is for smart business people who want to move to the next level of professionalism and who are sick of customer disputes.  It is for businesses that don't have any formal documentation in place and wish to put in place best practices.

We have seen just about every trick in the book.

That is the reason why we have produced a Suite of documents for the Credit Management Toolbox.

At BCA Debt, many of the debts that come to us could have simply been avoided because businesses don't have the processes in place that we are offering in this Toolbox.


Why Risk loss of Income?

Why risk any further loss of income and more financial pain, you could be missing the essential elements all successful businesses use to safeguard their finances?

The really bad news is that your late payers are using your money while you suffer cash flow problems let me help you create simple policies that your staff are empowered to use when quoting and accepting a new customer.

let us help you be clear on your terms and conditions, written in plain English and easily understood by you and your customers, including clearly defined dispute resolution processes.

Let's include clauses that puts the cost of debt collection back onto the customer if they fail to pay you.

If you want to know the honest truth of how to prevent debts, the secret is in the use of these proven strategies that 

To move to the next level of business professionalism and implement your debt prevention strategy simply fill out the purchase form for the Credit Management Toolbox now and start managing your business how other successful businesses do it.we and many of our clients have used to improve our business.

Learn the key elements to making sure you get paid for the work you've done.

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