• We Counter Balance Your Business!

    We Counter Balance Your Business!

    Get cash flowing back into your business.
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  • Stay on Track!

    Stay on Track!

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Cash Flow is What Fuels Your Business

If it stops so do you! 

Successful business people know this, and have systems in place to keep money flowing in.

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Are you struggling with too much debt?

Did you know the average business generating one million dollars in sales per year could be losing up to one hundred thousand dollars or more because people are paying late, or not at all, that is 10% of the revenue which could be profit?
Many businesses do not know where to start or do not realise how much of a problem they have, turnover doesn't necessarily equate to profit, improving your cash flow can make a vast difference to your bottom line.
Do you struggle to get to get clients to pay on time? Are you losing money because people with whom you have done business have not paid for your service?
Do you have a system in place to recover the money owed to you? If not, we can help.

nichola Caddy

Nichola Caddy Director BCA Debt

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What Our Clients Say

  • We have changed our payment terms to 100% prepaid for all clients and will no longer need any debt collection services. Should this change in the future I’ll let you know. Thank you for the many years of service. You’ve been very reliable and professional. Mitchell Baylis-Raayen, Mitches Gardening
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In a recent survey my clients
identified having a system for

Accounts Management

to be one of the top area's
they struggled with.