• Keep on track using your Terms and Conditions.

    We customise everyday business peoples Terms and Conditions for them. This is singly the most important element of your business and we do it all for you
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  • Customise Terms & Conditions.

    Customise Terms & Conditions.

    This is singly the most important element of your business and we do it all for you
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Keep on track using your Terms and Conditions.

We customise everyday business peoples Terms and Conditions! 

This is singly the most important element of your business and we do it all for you

  • Ensure your customers can pay
  • Be secured alongside the bank
  • Recover 10 to 20% more revenue
  • Learn effective cash management
  • Customised Terms of Trade
  • Cost is less than 10% ROI

This is a package designed to help businesses implement a system for on boarding and maintaining existing clients and their ability to pay.

Take advantage of a free 30 Minute consultation. We will go through the system and help you determine if it is right for you.

nichola Caddy

We Customise Your Terms and Conditions To Suit Your Business

My name is Nichola Caddy for the past 13 years I have been running BCA Debt, in that time my team and I have identified heaps of common mistakes businesses make that result in debts having to be written off, these are debts that could have been avoided.


Online Credit Application


We set you up with your very own self-branded online portal using the information gathered from the seven steps, the online portal brings all the documentation together making it so simple to ensure you are working with clients who have the ability to pay..

Customised Documents


Terms and Conditions
Credit Application with Trade Referees
Directors Guarantee
Privacy Policy
Letter of acceptance or rejection of the Credit Application
PPSR compliance

Instant Credit Report


The system does a credit report on the company, this credit report remains on the client file and is live, so if any event takes place the report is automatically updated. What this means is, if your customer's credit report changes you have instant access to new information.


Tools That Ensure Your Customer Can Pay.

We’ve carefully assembled all the tools you need, and taken the pain away by providing you with the right support at the right times to get your Terms and Conditions and Business Documents in place.

Your Cash Flow can be Greatly Increased

  • Ensure you only take ‘quality customers’ on in the first place
  • Teach your customers how to play by your rules by setting up clear and legally binding Terms and Conditions
  • Streamline your processes so reminders and follow ups happen as a matter of routine, rather than as a matter of urgency
  • Reclaim unpaid stock from a debtor, even if an administrator or receiver has taken control of their business
  • Protect your interests in the event that a customer becomes insolvent
  • Reduce your Aged Debtors ledger, both in terms of amounts and periods overdue
  • Get your money back in your account quicker
  • Reduce the need to use debt recovery agencies (and the associated costs)
  • Put your debt recovery specialists in a better position to collect on bad debts
  • Reduce the frustration and stress of dealing with overdue or unpaid debts

Managing Overdue Debtors

These measures are not onerous or difficult to implement. In fact you can even enlist the help of the Government and register your interests with a customer for as little as $6.80. We’ve narrowed the essentials down to what we call the Seven Steps of BCA Debt For Your Business.

These measures are not even ‘secret’ but we’ve found, by surveying our customers, that there are three main reasons that they don’t put such measures in place:

  • They don’t know about the all of the tools and resources available to them
  • They are confused about what their rights are and what they can or can’t do legally to reclaim their monies
  • They don’t have the time or resources to research or implement what needs to be put in place.

The simple truth is, measures like these typically fall in the ‘important but not urgent’ quadrant so they rarely get implemented. Until now...

Here’s even more good news. We’ve solved all of these problems and come up with an easy to implement plan that will reduce your debtor management issues and bring your credit risk back under control.


What Qualifies ME to Guide You?

We’ve been in the debt collection business since 1986 and under my ownership since 2004. It really bothers me that there is a solution to most debtor problems that can be avoided but most business people don't know where to start or how to fix it. It has taken me years of working with our lawyers and listening to the problems experienced by our clients to learn what is necessary to protect businesses.

The majority of debts that come to us from businesses have either a dispute with the service or the customer cannot afford it. Just knowing if you customer has the ability to pay in the first place can save so much pain down the road.

Honestly, I've seen just about every scenario and have heard every story in the book. I've seen the problems that businesses have faced by not having and Terms and Conditions in place. I am determined to do my bit to reduce debtor problems and the frustration experienced by our clients.


What Our Clients Say

  • We have changed our payment terms to 100% prepaid for all clients and will no longer need any debt collection services. Should this change in the future I’ll let you know. Thank you for the many years of service. You’ve been very reliable and professional. Mitchell Baylis-Raayen, Mitches Gardening
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In a recent survey my clients
identified having a system for

Accounts Management

to be one of the top area's
they struggled with.